API for carbon footprint calculation

A set of APIs has been developed to calculate the carbon footprint by integrating the necessary data from other systems external to GreeMko.

When you have a large volume of data, with our APIs you can calculate your carbon footprint automatically and in real time by connecting to other systems so that data is received and sent automatically.

Our team of expert developers works hand in hand with clients’ systems departments to facilitate integrations so that these projects are completed quickly and easily.



We see training as one of the key levers, along with legislation and funding, in the fight against climate change.

For this reason, GreeMko holds sessions for associations, employees and other stakeholders.

The agenda includes items such as:

  1. Environmental and Carbon Footprint, what is it?
  2. Carbon Footprint Organisation vs. Product Carbon Footprint.
  3. Outreach and continuous improvement.
  4. Far beyond the calculation, why manage it?
  5. Carbon Footprint Scope 3.

We also include dynamics for the active participation of all attendees and discussion among all.

The training can be done either face-to-face or online.


Our software measures the environmental impact, including the carbon footprint, of an event and consolidates data from all other parties involved. Among others:

  • Energy consumption
  • Organisational travel
  • Raw materials
  • Waste generation
  • Others

Engage suppliers and attendees through our enterprise HC and mobility solutions.


Carbon Footprint of Service and/or Product

The objective is to develop a dynamic solution so that improvements in the organisation are reflected in the services and/or products.

After calculating and managing the organisation’s carbon footprint, a study of processes, data and frequency of data is carried out to document a methodology for calculating the carbon footprint of services and/or products.

A dynamic solution for labelling the company’s services and/or products is then developed.

As improvements are made in reducing the carbon footprint of the organisation, this is reflected in the carbon footprint of services and/or products.

This service is only for GreeMko Plan PRO customers.

Carbon Footprint organisation

Analysis and development

Carbon footprint services and/or products