Investment reports

Investment reports

Investment reports

Managing your investment portfolio in a sustainable way has never been so easy

An increasing number of investment funds are committed to sustainability and the fight against climate change. This is why, among others, they have to report environmental indicators on adverse impacts according to the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

At GreeMko, thanks to technology, we automate the entire management, consolidation and reporting of all environmental indicators for funds classified under the criteria of Article 6, 8 and 9 of the SFDR.

You will be able to know the indicators of your different funds and investee companies in a reliable and traceable way. Participants will be able to report information to you quickly and easily.

Software adaptable to any type of company

Thanks to the flexibility of our solution, it allows to manage companies of very different industries, activities and sizes, and to report in a standardised and automatic way all environmental indicators on adverse impacts according to the SFDR.

Adding value to your investee companies

With our solution, we add value, not only to the investment fund, but also to each of the investee companies, offering them software for their environmental management and carbon footprint calculation in an automatic and very simple way.

Investment reports
Investment reports

Advantages for investment funds

In addition to managing and reporting their environmental indicators, funds will be able to:

  • To add value to investee companies through solutions adapted to their needs and not exclusively for reporting purposes.
  • To offer a very simple and easy to use solution for the stakeholders.
  • Automate the sending and receiving of all data.
  • Obtain specific KPIs according to the needs at each reporting level.
  • Maintain traceability of all data for any verification process.
  • Facilitates monitoring and auditing of KPIs of investee companies

Types of environmental certifications?

Among other indicators, our solutions allow the reporting of KPIs related to water consumption, energy consumption and production, greenhouse gas emissions, waste and other environmental aspects.

Investment reports