Environmental Management

Environmental Management

Active environmental management

Environmental management is becoming increasingly important in the global strategy of companies.

Therefore, companies must carry out efficient environmental management that allows them to assess the impact of their activities on the environment, implement sustainable practices and reduce environmental damage as much as possible.

How can you actively and efficiently manage the environment in your organisation?

For a proper environmental management of your company, it is necessary to monitor the environmental aspects in real time, as our web solutions make possible in an automatic and simple way.

That is to say, to have an environmental management system that allows you to manage and consolidate data, to analyse your activity in real time and not only review information at the end of a period.

Comprehensive environmental management, for any indicator

With GreeMko you can track any environmental indicator such as energy consumption, water consumption, raw material purchases, emissions and waste generation among others, to ensure a good active environmental management.

Environmental Management
Environmental Management

Advantages of using our environmental management software for businesses

You will be able to carry out operational control, monitoring and measurement of your environmental aspects, establish improvement objectives and see their evolution over time.

You will be able to analyse your impacts by facility and time period, relativising the data to make comparisons and easily visualise where to put resources to improve your environmental performance and management.

Report your environmental performance automatically and easily

You will get automatic, reports, graphs and statistics for your sustainability reports, Corporate Sustainability Reports (CSRD, Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive), Non-Financial Reporting Statements (EINF), certifications, requests for environmental information from customers and/or investors (SFDR Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation), marketing department and/or any other stakeholder, inside or outside your organisation, interested in your environmental data.

Why choose our software for the environmental management of your company?

At GreeMko we help companies to actively manage their environmental indicators and not only focus on the annual reporting of these data for their sustainability reports.

Our software facilitates the monitoring of ISO 14.001 environmental management systems as well as management systems integrated with quality and occupational risk prevention standards.

Environmental Management