Environmental Certification

Environmental Certification and Carbon Footprint

Environmental Certification

How do you demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and the fight against climate change?

More and more companies are taking steps to protect the environment, reduce their environmental impact and carbon footprint. One way of expressing this commitment is through environmental certification, which gives reliability to its customers, investors and any other interested parties.

What is environmental certification?

Environmental certification is a process by which an organisation is assessed and recognised for its commitment to the environment and its ability to manage environmental impacts. GreeMko offers solutions so that the environmental management and certification process can be carried out automatically and easily.

Environmental Certification
Environmental Certification

Types of environmental certifications?

Environmental Management

ISO 14.001 and EMAS are the most recognised environmental certifications. Both aim to provide companies with an environmental management system that allows them to measure and improve their environmental indicators on a continuous basis.

With GreeMko, you can automate processes necessary for ISO 14.001 certification, such as everything related to the operational control, monitoring and measurement of environmental aspects, the automatic evaluation of the aspects environmental and maintain traceability of all environmental information, which is an essential requirement for the ISO 14001 certification of your company.

Carbon Footprint

In relation to the carbon footprint, the most recognised certification is ISO 14.064 and the GHG Protocol. Our software meets the calculation requirements for both reference standards.

Our solution automatically calculates the carbon footprint of the different activity data and based on an extensive database of emission factors that GreeMko takes care of keeping updated and available.

Environmental Certification