Why did we launch Greemko?

Why did we launch Greemko?

Why did we launch GreeMko? A first answer, which entrepreneurs will understand, is because we are crazy. There are other reasons we would like to tell you about, now that we have been putting technology at the service of the environment for two years. We didn’t all suddenly go crazy at once. It was progressive.

The starting point

The entrepreneurial bug had been calling me -again- for some time. Mar first heard my idea in 2017. I was not very convincing. I had been preparing for months before insisting. We both studied Environmental Science. We worked in a leading Spanish multinational, but in different departments. How did Mar go from sceptic to convinced?

Why did we launch Greemko?
Fernando Román, Chief Technology Officer; Mar Robles, Chief Enviromental Officer; Jorge Portillo (CEO). Co-founders of GreeMko.

The essential factor

Because she listened patiently to me over many breakfasts… But, above all, because she has a clear purpose in her work: to continue improving environmental management in organisations. Mar always says that she learned a lot during the years she worked in the big company; at the same time, she needed a project with which to contribute value to society. It is this ambition to contribute to a better world that drives our project forward.

The gap we came to fill

At the key moment, when it was time to decide whether or not to start a business, our families gave us the support we needed. In addition, Mar and I covered the business and environmental side. We were missing the third leg.

The third leg is called Fer. We owe technological development to him. He also resisted at first. His first piece of advice was: “Look for existing software”. After our market research, we came to the conclusion that what we had in mind did not yet exist.

What were we thinking about?

We saw that the needs of companies would only be well covered by a software tool that:

  • It will automatically calculate the environmental footprint and carbon footprint (Scope 1, 2 and 3).
  • It would not require manual data entry, but would be programmed to capture, calculate, consolidate and report all data automatically.
  • Maintain traceability and evidence of all data.
  • A scalable and easy-to-use solution.

And since we couldn’t find it, we created it ourselves.

The solution found

Entering the Tetuan Valley startup accelerator -a partner accelerator of Google For Startups- served to consolidate Fer’s commitment to the project: the first software that automatically calculates the environmental footprint and carbon footprint. In Fer, we found the best partner we could have, and not only because he also knew about carbon footprint. Although he takes no credit for it, we are convinced that it would have been very difficult to achieve this quality of results so quickly: a simple, reliable and scalable tool. He forms an unbeatable team with Mar, who has a long experience in carbon footprint calculation and management systems. And if that wasn’t enough, it can speak the language of computer scientists.

Why did we launch Greemko?
Why did we launch Greemko?

Customer satisfaction

Our first meetings with customers showed us that we were on the right track. GreeMko was approached by several leading companies in their sector. We saw that our rapport with the client was total. Mar knows how to anticipate the questions of those responsible for the environment, for sustainability…, because she has been in their shoes. For those involved in environmental management, an automated tool is a revolution, because this way it is possible to focus on what is important, i.e. trying to reduce the environmental footprint. That is the best incentive to continue working on this madness, which is already a reality: GreeMko, Green Management Technology.

Jorge Portillo (CEO GreeMko).