Pollution in visual communication printing

Pollution in visual communication printing

A new sector is getting involved in sustainability: visual communication printing. You only have to look at the publications of FESPA, the umbrella association, to see that they are serious about it. How much do visual communication printing companies pollute? They do not yet have all the answers, but they are working to measure how much companies in the pollute industry. Its strategic objectives include promoting the circular economy and making manufacturing processes and the products themselves more sustainable. One immediate measure that has just been unveiled is more transparent information from suppliers on the composition of materials.

“We are in the midst of a transition to new, more sustainable ways of manufacturing”. Says the managing director of Gruck, specialists in graphic printing with a 40-year track record. He adds: “There is a long way to go to be able to offer more competitive prices”.

Answers to how much companies pollute

The best way to manage sustainability is to obtain reliable data. How else can responsible management decisions be made? By regularly collecting data on consumption (natural gas, electricity, water, refrigerant gases…) and waste generation, any company can detect areas for improvement, savings and environmental care.

At its last congress, FESPA sought the collaboration of GreeMko, whose software calculates the environmental performance of companies, including their carbon footprint. Jorge Portillo reaffirmed the print industry’s determination: “It’s not just about looking to the future, it’s about remaining competitive”. The participants contributed to measure the carbon footprint of the meeting, using the mobility solution provided by GreeMko, which calculates the carbon footprint of any journey anonymously and online.

More and more sectors are finding that environmental measurements are the key to sustainability management. They rely on GreeMko to do it automatically, quickly and easily.