Greemko supports investment manager Suma Capital to remain at the forefront of sustainability

Environmental indicators on adverse impacts according to the SDFR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation) are no longer a problem thanks to the startup Greemko, Green Management Technology, and its software solution.

Trying to align the interests of investee companies and investment funds has never been easier. The long and tedious processes of collecting and calculating data for the environmental management of individual companies, which also have to be reported to investors, have until now been a complicated task and a headache for many.

Suma Capital, in its commitment to sustainability and best market practices, has taken a step forward and has opted for the Greemko solution. It has implemented its software in the different companies of its portfolio of investee companies in the Growth and Infra divisions. SC has companies with very different activities, but despite this, the flexibility offered by Greemko’ software allows it to report all environmental indicators on adverse impacts according to the SFDR in a standardised and automatic way.

Thanks to the different Greemko schemes, the portfolio companies can easily and automatically make an active environmental management and calculate their carbon footprint according to their needs. The solution developed by Greemko automatically captures all the necessary data from your evidence, making it much simpler than other solutions on the market, automatically calculates the full carbon footprint and maintains traceability of all data.

Finally, the fund manager can consolidate data from all companies under management in order to be able to track and report all environmental indicators for its funds classified according to the criteria of Article 9 of the SFDR.

The portfolio companies also benefit as the solution allows them to make a more active environmental management and calculate their carbon footprint automatically, which makes it easier for them to be approved as a supplier, register their carbon footprint with the ministry to be more competitive in public tenders, improve their brand positioning, support marketing actions, attract and retain talent and, of course, reduce their environmental impact by supporting the company in its fight against climate change.

Greemko, Green Management Technology, facilitates its customers’ path to sustainability and carbon neutrality with its software solution. Greemko is a 100% Spanish company and has different plans depending on the client’s needs. The PRO plan for comprehensive environmental management and complete carbon footprint, the Starter plan for companies that are starting on the road to sustainability to easily calculate, develop a reduction plan and report their carbon footprint (direct and indirect electricity emissions), and the Mobility plan to calculate the carbon footprint of travel.

In addition to Suma Capital, Greemko has clients in its portfolio such as Siemens Energy, Metrovacesa, González Byass, OHL Servicios Ingesan, Grupo Noatum, AXA Seguros, Forética and other companies of different sectors and sizes. Greemko has also been awarded the public tender for the sustainability challenge of RENFE Trenlab.