Green finance in the UK and Spain

Green finance in the UK and Spain

The British Embassy in Madrid identified this need and – in collaboration with an independent Spanish consultancy (Analistas Financieros Internacionales) – launched an investigation. The result is a study of companies and initiatives in the Spanish and British markets that can help other companies on their journey towards a green economy (their “greening”, as the British say).

El informe final “Green Finance in the UK and Spain: latest developments and key service providers” vio la luz en julio de 2020. The embassy and Afi aim – in their own words – “to facilitate the many decisions that companies have to make on a daily basis and to provide a detailed overview of initiatives that were born with a clear mission: to accompany others on their transition path towards sustainability”.

Report “Green Finance in the UK and Spain: latest developments and key service providers”

The service providers analysed in the report are of three types:

  • Information managers: measurement of emissions, creation of standards and indices, analysts…
  • Consultancies and verification companies
  • Financial services with green bond listings

For GreeMko, it is an honour to be among the 14 Spanish companies named. The report describes GreeMko as “the first software that automatically calculates the environmental footprint of companies, assets or projects, including the carbon footprint (Scope 1, 2 and 3)”. They define this tool as efficient, reliable, easy to use and, finally, “a global solution for companies with a global presence”.

It is also noted that GreeMko responds to the requirements of green lending:

1. Historical data: rapid analysis through automation

2. Communication: Stakeholders (bilateral and multilateral loans) can access the tool in different roles.

3. Monitoring: set and track sustainable performance targets (KPIs) throughout the year.

4. Verification: analysts and consultants can easily and quickly verify information (traceability of evidence and data included in the software).

Report “Green Finance in the UK and Spain: latest developments and key service providers”

Green finance: serving other businesses

Among the featured providers is the Spanish delegation of EIT Climate-KIC, which works to accelerate the transition to a carbon neutral economy through innovation and entrepreneurship. The EIT Climate-KIC community has more than 370 global partners spanning universities, companies, cities and NGOs. Precisely, GreeMko was selected to be part of the latest edition of its acceleration programme in Spain: Accelerate.

GreeMko is a partner and supplier of another of the 14 prominent ones: Forética, a benchmark organisation in sustainability and corporate social responsibility, whose mission is to help companies incorporate social, environmental and good governance aspects into their management.

One of the main conclusions of the report is that, along with the new demands that companies are facing in the face of decarbonisation, the market is offering new solutions to make this path easier.