GreeMko launches the updated PRO Plan with many new features

GreeMko launches the updated PRO Plan with many new features

GreeMko is continuously developing its tool to improve the ease, effectiveness and speed with which its users manage their environmental information including carbon footprint.

During the last months, and as a result of years of work with its clients, GreeMko has updated the PRO Plan.

GreeMko is a software that helps companies on their way to sustainability and carbon neutrality. Depending on the needs of each client we can offer different plans.

The Starter Plan for companies that are just starting and want to measure their carbon footprint Scope 1 and 2 (direct and indirect electricity emissions).

The Pro Plan, for companies that want to go further. It is a comprehensive solution for the environmental management and calculation of the carbon footprint (scope 1, 2 and 3) of any organisation. It can be used by companies of any sector and any size, as it is very flexible and can be customised according to the needs of each client.

It allows companies to manage their environmental indicators of electricity, water, fuel, waste generation or emissions, among others, month by month to see the evolution of their environmental performance in a very simple way, with very visual graphs and reports.

In addition, it generates all kinds of indicators (KPIs) so that they can be compared over time even between facilities, relating the data by any parameter that our client needs (number of employees, turnover, units produced, m2…).

One of the main advantages is that you do not have to enter the data by hand, the information is captured directly from the invoices or evidences where the data are. So you can dedicate your resources not to calculating the data, but to finding ways to improve and reduce your environmental impact and carbon footprint.

With this new version of the Pro Plan, the first thing that should be highlighted is the appearance with a simpler and friendlier format, and in line with the Starter Plan, although obviously with direct access to all the functionalities that the PRO Plan allows. This new appearance improves the user experience.

Another of the main advantages of the new version is the incorporation of live chat for support or to make it easier for customers to ask questions or report incidents. From this new functionality our customers can contact the support team at any time. The main objective is to be more agile in the resolution of queries and incidents and thus offer a better service.

The new version presents, among others, the following improvements:

Implementations. This new version allows the implementation processes to be much more agile so that the client can access the solution in less time and continue with their work quickly.

Home screen. New design that allows to have at a glance the consolidation of the annual data of emissions and consumption.

Improvements in the automatic capture of files. The process of validation of entries by automatic capture is much more comfortable and simple thanks to this. It also allows serial validation in a faster way.

Improvements in user autonomy, new parameter configuration screen. A new screen is available to configure and parameterise customer activity and emissions data. Any KPI can be generated using the data loaded in the application.

GreeMko keeps on improving continuously with the aim of facilitating its clients the way towards sustainability and carbon neutrality.

If you want to make a qualitative leap in your environmental management and carbon footprint calculation, do not hesitate to contact us.