Greemko, BBVA Open Talent finalist

Greemko, BBVA Open Talent finalist

GreeMko has been one of the 10 Spanish startups finalists of the BBVA Open Talent. “The more companies understand that sustainability is profitability, the better. Reducing environmental impact means being more efficient and reducing costs,” says Jorge Portillo, co-founder and CEO of GreeMko. Its mission is to help companies – including financial companies – to grow in an increasingly sustainable way.

This competition for fintech brings together the best technological innovation projects for the financial sector worldwide. Among the selected Spanish fintechs, GreeMko is the only one that focuses on the environmental dimension of finance.

Open Talent 2019: an example of carbon footprint measurement

With GreeMko, the environmental impact – including carbon footprint – can be measured for an annual company report. It is also possible to calculate the emissions generated by those attending an event. BBVA wanted to measure the carbon footprint of the travel of those attending the Open Summit 2019, using GreeMko technology.

Visitors anonymised their journey to the Open Talent final: what type of transport they used and on which routes. Mar Robles, Chief Environmental Officer, explains:

“This calculation makes each attendee aware of their own data. If everyone who comes to this meeting knows their carbon footprint, they will become aware of the impact of their journeys”.

By consolidating the data, a report is produced, from which the event organiser can devise sustainability improvements for another occasion.

Greemko, BBVA Open Talent finalist
Mar Robles and Jorge Portillo, from the finalist GreeMko.

Being part of the solution

Faced with the challenge of environmental management, GreeMko offers technology for efficient measurement of carbon footprint and other pollutants. Only reliable data allows for continuous improvement. In addition, by simplifying and automating operations, the resources required for environmental data collection, consolidation and reporting are reduced. Therefore, this technology is economically beneficial.

GreeMko also helps companies to access green finance, with the awareness that sustainability goals require collaboration and openness. Programmes such as BBVA’s Open Talent facilitate these synergies. In Portillo’s words: “We are facing one of humanity’s greatest challenges, which is the climate crisis. Without a doubt, we need not one but many more initiatives, so that all companies and society in general are part of the solution”.