Faconauto measures its carbon footprint

How many people know how much carbon they emit when they travel? Those attending the XXIX Faconauto Congress & Expo had the opportunity to find out. Faconauto, the Spanish dealer’s association, wanted to make the environmental impact of the different means of transport visible to each participant: plane, train, metro, electric car, to promote environmental awareness… In a few clicks, they could calculate how much CO2 each leg of their journey to the congress venue had produced.

How to move from environmental awareness to action

The automotive sector is facing a major adaptation challenge, where decisions weigh heavily because of their impact on millions of people. How to demonstrate the urgency of change? How to move from environmental awareness to action? Everyone at the Faconauto expo was probably aware of the new European measures on decarbonisation. They knew that every gram of excess CO2 will lead to a fine for the manufacturer of 95 euros, according to the European rule. And that the EU maximum allowed for cars sold from 2020 onwards is 95 grams per kilometre. But perhaps they did not know how much their own car pollutes or how much CO2 a domestic flight produces.

During the congress, visitors accessed a digital platform, where they entered the journeys they had made to the meeting place. Responses were sent to the organisers anonymously and in real time. For Faconauto, the objective was twofold: to promote the environmental awareness of the participants and to compare the total emissions figure with that of future activities in the sector. The measurement and awareness-raising activity was made possible by Greemko.