Entrepreneurs in technology and sustainability

On World Environment Day, BBVA City employees were able to listen to Joaquín Araújo. Naturalist and writer, he passed on his experience as a scholar and lover of nature. In the same context, three entrepreneurs presented their proposals for digital innovation for the environment.

The first step towards improvement is to measure. This was highlighted by Jorge Portillo, CEO of Greemko. Its mission is to help companies to intelligently manage environmental indices. Its technology automatically calculates any environmental impact, including the carbon footprint.

During the round table “Digital innovation for the environment”, in BBVA City.

Another example of digital innovation for the environment is Wattio. It was born when Patxi Echeveste, its CEO and founder, realised that it is much easier to save energy than to produce clean energy. Based on this idea, he designed a home automation switchboard, which allows users to control their spending from their mobile phones. Climate Trade is a blockchain platform for offsetting CO2 emissions. Francisco Benedito has managed, with this solution, to facilitate the transparency of green finance: “This technology allows the immediacy of transactions and the inviolability of data”.

World Environment Day is the perfect excuse to bring together professionals with shared interests to look for solutions together. In the past, there were few of us who talked about sustainability. More and more people now understand this language.